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Benefits of Concrete Countertops

When you think about concrete, your mind most likely goes straight to patios, house foundations, or even walls. But concrete is also a very attractive option for countertops. Concrete offers many benefits when retrofitted in countertops. The following are some of the most notable benefits of choosing concrete for countertops.
Endless Decorative Options
One of the most attractive benefits of using concrete as a countertop surface is the amount of options you have. You can choose from a variety of dyes to color the concrete to match the rest of the room. If you have wooden kitchen cabinets, for instance, you can choose a tone to complement the shade of the wood stain.
Concrete countertops are also versatile in that you can style them to any decorative theme. They look just as lovely in either a French countryside home or a farmhouse.
You can also customize the edge forms on concrete, such as rounded, straight, beveled, and so on. If you would like a special inlay, such as seashells for a patio countertop or gemstones, you can add these to your concrete countertops as well.
Customizable Shape and Size
Another benefit is that you can have concrete countertops in any shape, form, and size. You can have straight, rectangular countertops. If you prefer a curved or kidney-shaped countertop, you can request that option. You can customize a countertop to any specs you prefer, unlike many other countertop materials.
Increased Durability
Concrete has to fully cure before you can use the counter to its full potential. But after the curing process is over, a concrete countertop can last for years with little maintenance. Concrete is a strong material on its own, and the contractor adds sealing technology to the concrete once it is set to further increase the durability and resistance.
The sealing process helps protect the counters from heat, stains, scratches, dents, and other damage. If the concrete countertops will go in a kitchen, the contractors can also seal the concrete with a food-safe sealer. If the counter is outdoors, concrete is one of the best options, as it can withstand extreme weather conditions on its own.
Unique Features
One of the most interesting benefits of concrete countertops is how unique they are. The concrete countertop contractors are artisans in that they create these countertops specifically for your home. No two are ever alike. Although the counters will have similar shading and texture, there is also a subtle difference is each one since they are done by hand.
Another interesting feature is how you can also opt to have the color change over time. Much like copper, you can choose a sealer that will patina the concrete over the years, slowly adding an aged effect, which is attractive in a variety of aesthetics.
Keep in mind, however, that as a home settles, you may notice some hairline cracks in concrete countertops. This is not a structural problem, and often lends to the charm of the counters.
Before you finalize your choice, you must consider a couple things. First, you need to choose a quality craftsman to form the counters for you. You also should add some lead time for a concrete countertop project, as they take some time to complete. You have to factor in time for the construction of the forms, the concrete curing, and the sealing process.
If you have any questions about concrete projects for your home, please contact us at Central Carolina Concrete. We are happy to help you. We have a solid reputation and years of service to our customers, and we would be glad to build something that will work best for your home.