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The Benefits of Commercial Concrete Floors

Concrete Floor
Commercial concrete floors aren't just for warehouses. Regardless of your industry and business, concrete floors can be a great solution. Not only are they easy to maintain, but they're also attractive and easily customized. Here are some of the advantages.
Concrete Can Be Stained and Painted
Concrete can take on nearly any appearance. It can be stained, painted, and tiled in a way that creates any pattern or design. This makes concrete a great choice for lobbies, entryways, and other locations that should be aesthetically pleasing.
There are even epoxies available that can be used to alter the appearance of concrete dramatically. Epoxy can have a 3D effect, which creates a multi-layered appearance. You can also stain concrete in a way that it mimics natural stone, such as marble or granite.
Concrete is Durable and Easy to Maintain
What happens when concrete chips or cracks? It can usually be fairly easily filled, buffed, polished, and otherwise restored. Concrete is extremely durable, with excellent compression rates and resilience to chipping and other damage.
Concrete will last longer in high traffic areas and outdoor areas, especially compared to more fragile options such as ceramic tiles and stone. Cleaning and maintenance of concrete is much easier than many other types of flooring, especially when compared to higher maintenance options such as carpet. 
Concrete is Safe
Commercial warehouses often use concrete because it is safe. It's easy to clean, can be cleared of obstructions, and creates a smooth surface that employees and customers aren't likely to trip on. 
Concrete can be textured, which prevents slipping and improves traction. In areas such as outdoor patios, textured or matte concrete can create a surface that is safe as well as attractive. When polished and sealed, concrete is additionally resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew, all of which can also cause health issues. 
Concrete Lasts a Long Time
Do you want a floor option that is going to last a long time? Concrete can last decades. It can be refinished, polished, stained, painted, and restored over time. This means that you have a single, one-time installation expense and some minor maintenance and repair expenses. Comparatively, other flooring options may need to be replaced more frequently.
Concrete Floors Are Environmentally-Friendly
Many businesses are now trying to be sustainable. Concrete floors are environmentally-friendly. Most buildings already have a concrete sub-floor, which can be modified, polished, or stained by a professional concrete company. Businesses that already have a floor installed can usually pull it up to reveal the concrete sub-floor. 
Concrete floors also have an additional environmentally friendly bonus: they can reduce the amount of electricity you use. Concrete floors naturally preserve both hot and cold, storing up thermal energy and slowly releasing it throughout the day. This balances out the room's temperature.
Concrete Floors Improve Air Quality
Carpet and other floor options can collect dust and dirt. These can produce allergens and can be difficult to clean. Concrete floors improve air quality because they are easy to clean and will not store dirt.  
Unlike some synthetic materials, concrete does not emit VOCs (volatile organic carbons), which are chemicals that can be dangerous to people. Concrete is also not naturally susceptible to mold and mildew, which could be otherwise caused by moisture and warmth.
Concrete is also beneficial because it can be easily covered up. If your business later decides that it wants to use tile, carpet, linoleum, or other flooring options, it can often be installed directly over the existing concrete floor. To view some of your commercial concrete options, contact our experts at Central Carolina Concrete.